Reasons Homeowners Are Choosing to Waterproof Their Basements in Fairfax

The basement of a home is not simply a place to store items that the homeowner wants to keep out of sight. It is also part of the structure of the home. This is a powerful reason for waterproofing a basement. But there are other benefits that come from using the services of waterproofing contractors in Fairfax.

Waterproofing Can Prevent Flooding

Flash flooding can threaten basement areas. It’s estimated that more than $3 billion in damage is done to homes because of water entering the basement each year. Waterproofing a basement can protect it from water filtration that can damage valuable items.

Prevent Mold and Mildew

Water filtration, even when there is no flooding, can lead to mildew and mold growth. This can cause health problems, including a cough and skin irritation. It can aggravate respiratory conditions, such as asthma.

Protect the Cracks in the Foundation

When moisture finds its way into cracks in the foundation, it will expand and contract with changes in temperature. This could lead to small cracks expanding into larger cracks, which may put the structural integrity of a home in jeopardy.

The work done by waterproofing contractors in Fairfax may help a homeowner reduce energy costs. Water filtration in the basement can lead to increased humidity during the summer, requiring air-conditioning units to work overtime to cool the home. During the winter, the same cracks may allow cold air to enter, counteracting the heating system’s ability to keep the home warm.

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