Expert, Fast Service – Garage Door Spring Repair in Land O’ Lakes, FL

In a perfect world, garage door springs last forever. Unfortunately, garage door springs are the first to go, typically at the worst time. It’s not a good idea to pull the garage door’s emergency release or to let the problem go until later. Half-open garage doors are unsafe. Luckily, there’s quick, premium garage door spring repair in Land O’ Lakes, FL.

Why Garage Door Springs Fail

Even the highest quality garage door springs built for durability have a shelf life of five to 10 years. This life span shortens as garage door springs undergo excessive use. Excessive use happens automatically as families access their homes daily via the garage as opposed to the front door.

Don’t Pull the Emergency Release

Garage doors are enormously heavy. By pulling the release, one runs the risk of having the door come down on top of one’s vehicle. Plus, if it’s even possible to lift the door manually, it won’t stay raised without the door spring and other safety mechanisms engaged.

Today’s Garage Door Springs

Next-gen garage door springs are high cycle springs. High cycle springs are longer, thicker and stronger than standard springs. Their design makes them resilient enough to perform optimally over 50,000 cycles.

Standard springs last about 10,000 cycles before they rust, weaken, crack or snap. When they malfunction, it’s advisable to have them repaired immediately. Half-open or stuck garage doors deplete a home’s energy efficiency rapidly and leave household members especially vulnerable to intruders, critters and the elements.

Swing by Business¬†Name, a top-notch provider of high cycle garage door springs as well as emergency, off-hours garage door spring repair in Land O’ Lakes, FL.

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