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Waterproofing is a science

Waterproofing is a science designed to keep water out of basements and is the number one concern for residential and commercial properties in the U.S., and particularly in Northern Virginia. The source of water is primarily from rainfall, snowmelt, and sometimes irrigation on the surface. In many areas of Virginia and D.C., the groundwater table is near or above the basement floor level at various times during the year. There are plenty of waterproofing contractors such as Foundation Repair Fairfax which provides expert basement waterproofing services in those areas.

There are three basic lines of defense for basement waterproofing

A basement is a great addition to any home. It adds extra living or storage space, and it adds value when you decide to sell the home. However, none of this is true if the basement is wet or musty. Companies like Apex Waterproofing Inc. use three basic lines of defense for basement waterproofing which include surface drainage, subsurface drainage, and waterproofing on the wall surface. The goal is to keep water from surface sources away from the foundation, to intercept, collect, and carry away any water in the ground surrounding the basement, and to keep out water that finds its way to the wall and floor of the structure.

Let them help you protect your home

In order to keep your home in good condition, you should invest in waterproof repair, especially if you have noticed any leakage, condensation in ductworks, standing water, smells, moisture problems, cupping floors or mold growth. If you have water in your basement, you can call Foundation Repair Fairfax even today for a no-obligation consultation and inspection. Located in Woodbridge, they serve homes and businesses across northern Virginia. Let them help you protect your property before it’s too late.

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