The Numerous Benefits of Ontario Doors And Cabinentry Made From Tricoya

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is a material made from different types of wood that are broken down and engineered with other materials. MDF is stronger and more durable than plywood, and Tricoya is a new type of MDF that is an excellent material to construct one-piece MDF doors, cabinets, drawers and more.

Advantages of Tricoya

Tricoya is durable, rugged and affordable, and it is becoming more and more popular with designers, architects and contractors. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments; above-ground it lasts at least 50 years, and below-ground it lasts at least 25. In short, it’s tough.

With Tricoya, you don’t have the problems with shrinking and swelling that you have with many types of wood and composite materials when the temperature and humidity fluctuate. You can coat it with pretty much any paint or finish that you choose, and it requires less maintenance and re-coating than other types of materials no matter what it is finished with.

When it comes to finding the right material to use for new designs, Tricoya is an excellent choice because of its stability and versatility. Furthermore, its sourcing is sustainable, so you can use it with confidence that you are implementing an environmentally-friendly material. It also is resistant to fungus and is ideal for humid environments. For one-piece MDF doors and cabinetry of all types, look no further than Lovech Ltd. for all your Tricoya needs.

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