Signs it is Time for Washer Repair in Shrewsbury MA

Appliances are finicky. They may work flawlessly one day, and then for no reason, malfunction the next. However, if a homeowner were to pay closer attention, they would find most appliances give off warning signs of a problem before they stop working altogether.

It’s up to homeowners to know what the signs of a problem are. Keep reading to learn about some of the most obvious signs that it is time for washer repair in Shrewsbury, MA.

Loud or Strange Sounds

Does the washing machine make unusual or loud sounds while it is running? If it does, it’s a sign it is not operating properly. At this point, it’s best to call for repairs before the problem gets worse.

Some of the most problematic sounds include squeaks, clanks, and loud humming. Each of these sounds may indicate a problem with the drum mount or drum and indicate washer repair in Shrewsbury MA is needed immediately.

No Water

If the water is not filling up the washing machine’s drum when the load is started, it may indicate a kink or leak in the hose. A faulty water intake valve or a clogged filter may also be the issue. It’s a good idea to call for repairs before these issues get worse.

The Water Doesn’t Drain

If the washing machine fills up with water properly, but it doesn’t drain after the rinse cycle, then a clogged drain hose or a blocked pump may be the culprit. If these are not the issues, then there could be a problem with the water pump, which a professional service provider can replace.

The Drum Won’t Spin

A bad lid switch or drum belt may cause the washing machine’s drum not to spin or operate properly. If the washer seems like it is broken, don’t panic. Just call for repairs, as this can likely be fixed.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by calling for washer repair services as soon as a problem is noticed. In the long run, calling for service and ensuring it is delivered in a timely manner will keep the problems from getting worse. More information about washer repair and when it is needed can be found by taking the time to contact us.

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