4 Common Problems a Washer Repair in Arlington, VA, Can Fix

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Appliances

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A washing machine does a lot of cleaning work, so it’s no wonder it breaks down occasionally. Keeping up with repairs can ensure your machine stays in top condition. Below, we look at common washer-related issues that professional washer repair in Arlington, VA, can fix.

The Washer Won’t Fill with Water

A washing machine requires water to wash clothes. If your washer won’t fill with water, it could be an issue with the water inlet valves. Defective pressure switches, door lock assembly, and temperature selector switches are potential culprits. If you can’t diagnose the problem quickly, enlist the help of a professional washer repair.

Washer Is Unresponsive

An unresponsive washer is often the result of a faulty electronic control board or motor control board. Fortunately, both can be replaced. Check that it’s plugged in and that the outlet is working correctly. You can unplug the machine and plug in another electric device to ensure the outlet isn’t the issue. If the outlet is working, you probably have a problem with the washer

Washer Is Not Spinning

Spinning motion is a vital cleaning process in any washer. When a machine does not spin, it cannot clean your dirty clothes. It could be that the door won’t close properly or the door switch is defective. Another common issue is a loose or broken motor belt. A washer’s transmission, or dryer’s glides, pulley, or drum rollers are potential culprits, too. If you are unsure of the problem, contact an expert appliance repair service to investigate the issue.

Washer Overfills with Water

Whenever the washer overfills with water, there’s a high possibility your laundry room could flood. Similar to a washer that won’t fill, a washer that overfills often malfunctions due to problems with the water level pressure switch or inlet valve assembly. The problem could be the electronic control board if neither component is defective.

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