Interior Design Ideas for When Your Kids Are Blossoming Artists

by | Aug 28, 2015 | Home and Garden

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Whether you live in a large house with room to spare or a small apartment where each inch counts, every home is going to have different needs. While having art enthusiasts for kids is a great sign of their creativity, your walls may not think so. Here are some ideas of how to make your decor both kid friendly while maintaining a design savvy aesthetic.

Establish the Space’s Purpose

Every space has a purpose. While that doesn’t mean that a room has to serve only a single function, you need to think about what will actually be happening within it. HGTV advises that in order to end up with a well designed room, you need to determine the precise purpose the space will serve before you start making decorating decisions. Therefore, for example, if your refinished basement is also the kids’ play area, consider Dry Erase Wallpaper. Not only does this serve as a whimsical design element, but it also provides an infinite canvas for kids’ masterpieces.

Vinyl Furniture

Nothing is harder to clean than paint off upholstery. Therefore, when you’re trying to furnish a space that will be close to an area where art-making activities take place, consider switching the fabric of your chairs and couch. Vinyl furniture is inexpensive and popular, and comes in an array of attractive colors and finishes. Many types of faux leather vinyl also look like the real thing, while still making it easy to clean up acrylic paint splashes. Just keep the oils for when your youngsters are old enough to keep their art strictly on the canvas.

Water Proof Area Rugs

Many area rugs are made to weather traffic and are easy to clean. This is a good choice for your kids’ art project area since it won’t end up with permanent stains. However, the best part of using this type of floor covering is that you’re not restricted to a single color. Basic rugs designed for frequent foot traffic come in a variety of sizes and styles. If you want to add a childlike, whimsical touch to create your kid-friendly space, go for bright block colors.

Outfitting any space with the right decor is as simple as starting with the function you want it to fulfill. Kids are some of the biggest challenges to keeping up a well decorated, tidy home. This type of wallpaper is offered by companies that specialize in nontraditional wall coverings, such as Wolf Gordon. Fostering creativity is important, though, and as long as you incorporate the right materials into spaces where spills are bound to happen, maintaining tasteful, enjoyable decor will be much simpler.

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