Custom Commercial Door Installation in Florida

Commercial Door Installation Florida is easy with custom doors that are designed to exact specifications. The process usually entails removing the interior and exterior trim and changing out the old hardware and new hardware for the new door. The whole task can be completed in a few hours. If a wider door is replacing a single door and side panels, the process is a bit more complicated, but can still be completed in one day. Once the trim is removed, the door frame may have to be modified to fit the new door. Once the new door is in the space, replace the trim and add some caulking to seal it. A little new paint and the job is done.

Custom doors provide business owners the opportunity to create a unique entrance that will attract customers and get noticed above the competition. Steel and wrought-iron doors make a bold statement and can fit into any building style or decor. The materials suit classic, rustic, and modern structures. There are many copyrighted designs from which to choose. A solid metal door with a lattice design, a combination of steel and glass, intricate wrought iron scrolls and curves, and several other designs are available. If business owners do not see that perfect door in the catalog, a custom door can be created to exact configurations. The company, Cantera Doors, works with contractors, developers, business owners, and interior designers to turn the look they have in mind into the door they want to install in their building.

Florida presents additional challenges to doors, windows, gates, and railings due to extreme weather conditions. All doors are fully insulated so they are energy efficient, and they come with a standard five-year warranty. Commercial Door Installation Florida has to be strong enough to withstand hurricanes. There are some doors within the product line that are hurricane rated. They have been engineered and tested to meet the 2010 Florida Impact Building codes, and they are Miami-Dade County Product approved. Customers can visit the website to get information regarding hurricane rated doors, view full catalogs, request a quote, and learn about the hand forged iron process. Visit the site for complete details.

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