How to Add Lighting to Forgotten Corners of Your Home

by | Jan 11, 2019 | General

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Which areas of your home need the most artificial lighting? There are a few areas of the home that most homeowners don’t focus on that could benefit from additional lighting. Here is your guide to adding more light to some forgotten spaces in your home to create a warmer, more inviting space:


Many people forget to light their entryway because light already naturally pours in through the doors and windows during the day and even in the evenings. However, lighting your entryway properly makes the home feel open and inviting – and can discourage home invasion and keep your family safer. Consider adding wall sconces for a muted touch or invest in a dramatic chandelier for something more statement-making.


Hall lighting is often overlooked out of habit. This lighting is tucked out of the way by function, so people often forget to change the bulbs regularly or upgrade fixtures when they update the look of the walls.

How can you spruce up your hall lighting? Consider adding graduated wall sconces or recessed spotlights for an understated, modern touch that lights your way without overpowering the small space.


Why do people forget about bedroom lighting? Perhaps it’s because by the time we reach our bedrooms in the evening. We are ready to turn those lights off and rest. However, bedroom lighting can set the mood for relaxation, romance, and so much more.

To put a fresh spin on bedroom lighting, consider installing light that casts upward from your headboard or dangles from the ceiling. Many couples and singles alike enjoy the soft, romantic feel of rope lighting and similar fixtures, casting a peaceful glow on the room. Others love the dramatic look of a chandelier in the bedroom, putting a truly personal spin on the look of their space.

Whatever you’re looking for to put a new twist on lighting your home, your local lighting stores in Victoria, BC have it to offer. Just browse the selection at your nearest specialty lighting retailer and be sure to ask plenty of questions. You never know when the perfect piece is just around the corner – or in the next aisle!

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