Design Collections Include the Symphony Pattern for Commercial Interiors

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Home and Garden

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Wallpaper is not just a piece of “paper” for your wall. It is a wall covering that can be made from just about anything—from vinyl to fabric to grass, as well as rice, pulp, and other materials. Each wall covering is made of a decorative layer, which is the ink. It is applied to the top of an intermediate layer, known as the ground. The ground provides a background color.

Extra-strength Wall Coverings

The substrate is the backing of the wall covering that goes against the wall. However, this is just a basic example of regular wallpaper. To improve the covering’s durability, the decorative layer may be protected by one of various coatings, including polymer, polyvinyl chloride, or an acrylic-type vinyl material. A large number of materials go into the making of substrates and grounds as well—too many to list here in their entirety.

A Variety of Patterns and Designs

You can find a number of patterns and designs, such as the Symphony pattern, that are available in commercial interior collections. All the names that are provided lend to the beauty of the wall coverings and upholstery. For instance, the Symphony design is often chosen for its neutrality and traditional and stunning appearance. It is featured among other patterns of coverings and upholstery that are designed for specific decors.

Where Type II Commercial Coverings Are Used

Not only is the pattern considered, but the strength of a wall covering or upholstery fabric is noted too. For example, Type II commercial wall coverings are typically used for high-traffic spots, such as lounges and hallways in commercial areas.

By comparison, Type I commercial coverings are generally set aside for use in offices and hotel rooms. The Type I wall coverings, which weigh less, are typically not as durable as their Type II commercial counterparts. However, all of the coverings focus on amenities such as fire-resistance, tear strength, resistance to abrasion, scrubbability, and stain resistance. Check out all these features when making an online selection.

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