Bathroom Design at Its Best: Frameless Shower Doors in Philadelphia

Frameless shower doors in Philadelphia are one of many ingenious design concepts that elevate the look and feel of residential and commercial guest bathrooms. Plus, a wide array of available heights, widths, thicknesses, and custom features lets each client procure just the right door for any installation imaginable.

What’s in a Frameless Shower Door?

Premium frameless shower doors consist of tempered glass. Tempered glass undergoes a special thermal treatment that enhances its ability to withstand high surface tension. The result is an incredibly strong glass without having to be thick and opaque.

In fact, tempered glass offers manufacturers the ability to craft sheer glass sheets that are thin enough to see through but tough enough to endure freight shipping, frequent daily usage and quick temperature fluctuations.

Glass Thickness, Door Widths & Heights

Glass shower door thicknesses range from 6 millimeters to 12 millimeters. Neither thickness is better; preferences are entirely subjective. The standard glass shower door height is 72 inches (6 feet tall), but 76-inch tall doors are not uncommon. Glass shower door widths come in a large variety of sizes, allowing for more specificity.

Door widths can be as narrow as 24 inches or as wide as 60 inches, with everything in between available in increments of 2 inches. Reversible installation is a given, treating customers to the luxury of a right- or left-door opening that suits space constraints or one’s dominant hand.

To explore the vast, exciting world of frameless shower doors in Philadelphia, visit AAA Distributor at, the country’s largest wholesale distributor of flooring, kitchen and bathroom products.

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