Basics of Kitchen Cabinetry in Pittsburgh

Cabinets are an integral part of your kitchen remodel. They will affect the overall look of the kitchen as well as its layout and function. Most importantly, kitchen cabinetry will consume a huge chunk of your remodeling budget. You need to understand the basics of kitchen cabinetry in order to choose items that work for your needs and budget.

Choosing where to place the kitchen cabinets

Choosing the most ideal place to have the cabinets installed is one of the hardest things for any homeowner. Base cabinets usually occupy a lot of floor space, and that’s why most people will have cabinets above the refrigerator as well to get more storage space. You can have both wall and base cabinets if you need the extra storage space. The frameless cabinets are also a great option because they create the illusion of a much bigger space when installed in small kitchens. They have a showroom of kitchen Cabinets in Doral offering a great selection.

How to save on kitchen cabinetry Pittsburgh

We all know that the cost of cabinetry can be high, but there are some amazing ideas to save on these items. For instance, you can buy stock cabinets and customize them on your own by painting so that they look unique. You can even install accessories on the cabinets to give them a completely new look. When buying stock kitchen cabinetry, make sure you get quality items from reputable manufacturers. It would be unfortunate if you got standard cabinets at a cheap price only to spend more money fixing or replacing them a few years on. Be sure to verify the quality of stock cabinets before purchasing them.


Kitchen cabinets must be installed properly for them to bring out the desired look. Most custom cabinets will be installed by the cabinetmaker but when you get stock cabinets, you’ll have to look for someone to provide the installation at an additional charge. When budgeting for your stock cabinets, make sure you include the cost of installation too unless you have the skills and tools to do it yourself.

Keep it simple

You’ll only end up with amazing kitchen cabinetry if you keep things simple. Even when you are ordering add-ons make sure they are not exaggerated. You can’t have moldings, valances and vintage knobs all installed on the cabinets. Try and choose a few accessories that blend well together to avoid spending a lot of money on upgrades and keep your kitchen space looking elegant.

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