Why Having Your Furnace Maintained By An HVAC Contractor in Contra Costa County, CA Is Important

Do you know whether your furnace is functioning at an optimal level? It’s important for homeowners to realize that just because their furnace is working today doesn’t mean they don’t need to have it professionally maintained. In fact, now is the time to begin working with a contractor to develop a regular maintenance schedule for your furnace. If you choose not to do so, here is a glimpse of what you could be facing in the future.

Reduced Furnace Lifespan

A failure to have your furnace regularly maintained puts you at risk for having to buy a new one sooner than necessary. When you have an HVAC Contractor in Contra Costa County, CA, checking your furnace yearly, they’ll be able to catch and repair smaller problems before they cause a major breakdown. Not only will this reduce the need for emergency maintenance, but it will also help you hang on to your money longer. Furthermore, regular maintenance is required by many manufacturer’s warranty policies, and not maintaining a solid service schedule could mean the company won’t pay for a replacement if your system fails prematurely.

An Increase In Energy Bills

A system breakdown isn’t the only thing that could result in you spending more money. A heating system that runs inefficiently can also result in high energy bills. When your furnace is dirty, or simply isn’t functioning to its highest potential, your system has to use more energy to keep your home comfortable, and this increased energy output leads to increassed bills. Fortunately, regular maintenance performed by an HVAC Contractor in Contra Costa County, CA, can help you avoid this scenario and keep even more money in your pocket.

A Lack of Safety In Your Home

Malfunctioning furnaces are not only costly, they are also a danger to your health. The simple fact you are using gas in your home means that furnace leaks can put you at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. An HVAC contractor will check for proper airflow and ventilation, as well as combustion chamber cracks, and make the necessary repairs that will keep you and your family safe.

Furnace maintenance saves you money and helps maintain a healthy home environment. If you’ve been neglecting your furnace, get in touch with an HVAC contractor today so you can protect what matters to you. Or click here!

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