Why A Pomegranate Tree Belongs in Your Yard

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Home and Garden

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Looking for a beautiful and bountifully-fruitful tree to grow on your property. Consider the pomegranate. Sinfully sweet and tantalizingly tart, the pomegranate in believed by some to be the fabled fruit that tempted Eve in the garden of Eden. One taste of these irresistibly interesting fruits, and you’ll know why!

Buying the Best Tree

While pomegranates and other fruit trees can certainly be grown from seeds, it is much easier for the average homeowner to select a young tree to transplant into the soil of their property. This gives you a glimpse at how your tree performs, so far; look for healthy, hearty trees wherever you see pomegranate trees for sale, and don’t be afraid to ask where the plant came from and for any other relevant details before buying. With a potential lifespan of up to 200 years in some species, your pomegranate tree might be a lifetime investment!

Where It’s Warm, You’ll Find the Pomegranate

One reason that cultures born of warm climates love the pomegranate is because this is where they grow best. Your pomegranate tree will need full sun, so ensure that you have a sunny spot to welcome it home to before buying. Keep your tree well-watered to offset this temperature, offering 5-6 inches of water every ten days.

When Your Fruit is Ready for Picking

The pomegranate keeps up its intrigue even as it bears its fruit. Within a few years, your tree will begin offering fruit. When choosing fruit to harvest from your tree, rap gently on each piece. When you hear a metallic sound, you know you’re ready to pluck that pomegranate!

Send the Sweetest Gift

If you don’t have the space for a pomegranate tree on your own property but know someone who would love one, consider sending a tree as a thoughtful gift that will keep on giving. Look for sites like Lemon Citrus Tree that offer pomegranate trees for sale, and send one to your friend or loved one. Just be sure to ask for an invite when harvest season rolls around!

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