What Your House Cleaner Wants You to Be Aware Of

It’s not very fun to spend time cleaning your toilet or dusting all of your knick knacks. That’s why it’s becoming more and more common to hire a cleaner to take care of the chores you’d rather avoid at all costs. A company offering home cleaning in Logan can give you back time to enjoy other things, while also giving you a home that is clean and fresh. But, what are some things that your house cleaner might want you to know?

Cleaning Up Before Your Appointment Saves You Dollars

Most people do some amount of cleaning up before the cleaner hits our door. Even picking up the random items in your living room or wiping down the counters can help. However, if you don’t do this, you might be letting money run away from you. The fewer things that your cleaner has to work around and the fewer tasks that need to be done equals a cleaner who can get in and out quickly.

Provide Precise Instructions

Sometimes, telling your clean exactly what you want done can help them out. Unless your house is quite grungy, they may not know that this week you want an extra scrub down of the tub and next week you want your windowsills dusted. Providing this type of information lets the person providing home cleaning in Logan do the most important things first.

Allocate the Proper Time for Cleaning

If your house is pretty hectic one week, don’t be surprised if it takes a bit longer for your cleaner to spruce things up. On the other hand, if you only have a few tasks that need to be done, the cleaner may be out of your house quicker than usual. You have to let the person who is cleaning know what to expect so they can make sure enough time is available for your needs to be met.

Watch Your Pets

If you have a dog who flips out when the vacuum comes on, it might be best for it to be in a room where this isn’t required. If your cat seems to hate strangers and lashes out at them, it shouldn’t be in the way of the cleaner. Friendly pets who cause no trouble are usually not an issue but do what you can to make the situation less stressful for the worker.

Home Cleaning in Logan

At Real World Cleaning Services, we provide residential and commercial cleaning services. We have move-in cleaning, scheduled cleaning, and other options to suit your needs. If you’d like to schedule a cleaner to visit your home, you can call us at 740-380-9300.

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