What You Need to Know About Getting a Refinish Wood Floor in NYC

While it is true that wooden floors can last for decades, the finish on them wears out faster than that. To keep your floors looking new, fresh and beautiful, you will need to refinish it from time to time. Here are some tips that you should have in mind when preparing to Refinish Wood Floor NYC.

The process of refinishing

To refinish, you have to start by getting rid of the old floor finishing. When you call in an expert, they will start by getting rid of all furniture to expose the entire floor. They will then use a floor buffer to take off any existing traces of gloss. The buffing process can be done about three times to make sure that all the gloss has been removed. After the process, the experts will vacuum the place to remove the dirt. There are people that prefer the old sanding methods to strip the wood bare.

After the wood has been stripped, the process of refinishing starts. The experts will pour out the finishing gloss on the floor and use an applicator to spread it along the grain of the planks. The gloss will then be allowed to dry up, and then the expert will use some sandpaper to buff the floor again. This is meant to dull the sheen. After a few hours, they will apply a second coat of gloss and let it dry completely before they allow you to use the floor.

The benefits of refinishing

The first and most obvious benefit is that your floor will look newer and more beautiful. The parts of the floor that could have gotten worn out at some point are going to get repaired. The other benefit is that your floor will be protected for a longer period of time from rotting and also from pests such as aphids and ants. The house will look newer and more beautiful.

If you need to Refinish Wood Floor NYC, you can get experts to help. New York Wood Flooring is the best finishing experts in town.

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