What to Check before Calling for Air Conditioning Repair in Belvidere

The trend today is for homeowners to handle their repairs on their own, rather than calling for expert repairs. There are some repairs that simply require the experts, such as air conditioning repair in Belvidere. Most repairs your AC unit needs will require the experts, but there are a few things you can check on your own before calling the specialists for help.

Check the Thermostat

It might seem obvious, but many homeowners call for service only to find out they never flipped the thermostat over to the cool setting in the warm months. Before you panic because your home is not cooling fast enough, inspect your thermostat closely, ensuring it is on cool and the fan is set to run automatically, which will make it turn on only when the home needs to be cooled down.

Breakers Can Break

Once you determine your thermostat is set correctly, the next basic check to perform is the breaker box. It is common to trip a breaker without knowing it. A simple trip to the basement or other area that houses your breaker box will tell you if the breaker was tripped. All the switches should be facing the same direction. If your breaker was tripped, it will be obvious to you. Try switching the breaker back to see if that fixes your AC unit.

Look Outside

Many times homeowners forget about the actual AC unit outside their home. All too often, homeowners call for air conditioning repair in Belvidere, only to find out the weeds have overtaken the exterior unit, causing it to run inefficiently or not at all. If there are obvious weeds or even trees interfering with your AC, trim them back. You should also check the actual unit to determine if leaves and other debris have wedged their way into the unit. If this is the case, you should be able to vacuum them out. If not, you might have to call for professional repair.

Before you call for air conditioning repair in Belvidere, you can attempt these few simple checks to save yourself money and a bit of embarrassment. A quick check of the thermostat, breakers and exterior unit could prevent you from calling for repairs at all, saving you time and money in the long run.

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