Top 4 Factors to Consider for Maintaining Water Heaters in San Diego CA

Similar to all other household equipments, water heaters should also be maintained regularly. We all wish to save money and maintenance of water heaters in San Diego CA is an indirect way of saving money as the appliance will work for a longer time than it would have otherwise. Start by checking the owner’s manual as it will give you helpful guidelines and important warnings. In case of unavailability of a manual, telephone the company or get one online.

There are several factors which will determine the how regular the service will be. These factors include age and type of your unit, how hard your water is and availability of any system to soften the water etc. It is recommended to check water heaters in San Diego CA once or twice a year. You can also take a professional’s help if you are not sure how to go about it. Below are four useful guidelines. These steps are very simple to understand and perform and are not very time consuming as well. It will let you know how healthy your water heater is and also help you in maintaining its health. If you still have any doubts, seek a professional’s help.

1. The relief valve and temperature is very important for the heater’s safety. To test the heater’s temperature, you are supposed to raise part of the lever up and then set it free. If the heater is working properly, the lever will be back in its original position. Also listen to the running water’s sound and notice where the water is draining; the floor drains or outside.

2. If you have an electric water heater, you must switch it off before the draining starts as to prevent any burn out. Check the controlling circuit breakers and the connection of wires at the top (are they lose or frayed?) If anything seems to be confusing you, call an electrician. In case of a gas heater, clear the air passage first. Shut the gas off. Follow the instructions in order to do it. These heaters must be installed at least about 18 inches above the ground there shouldn’t be any flammable materials near the appliance.

3. Every once in a while, flush out the tank of hot water. Fragments usually settle at the bottom of the tank and this way they can be removed. Minimal flush can be done by putting a bucket at the drain valve’s bottom. Now drain off water equal to a bucket. You can drain more water to make sure all the debris is out.

4. Set the heater’s temperature. The valve of temperature-setting is usually located on the heater’s lower side or on its backside. When you start to check the temperature of the water, see the temperature dial. If the temperature shown on it is more than 120 degrees, it is very high and so, it should be lowered. Turn the dial to 120 degrees in order to save energy as well as prevent your heater from burner out faster. Browse the site for more information.

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