Things to Avoid When Hiring A Painting Company

by | Aug 11, 2017 | Home Improvement

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When you hire a painting company you hope that you will get the best finish and the job with be done properly. You don’t want to hire a painter who does the job and after sometime, you start experiencing flaking paint or you notice ugly blemishes that taint the look of your interior and exterior walls. You want a painting company that will use top-grade paints – whether it is gloss or water-based paint. After the job is done, you need the area to be cleaned leaving no paint spots on other areas. To get that perfect painting job by a professional painting company in Clarksville, TN here are things you should avoid when hiring them:

Don’t Sign the Contract Blindfolded

The contract you sign is the legal agreement that protect you and the painter. Look into details of the agreement. Read all the clauses and make sure they explain the kind of work to be done and the pricing. Make sure that in the contract, the painter says they will do the job to your expectations and are accountable for damages. Make sure they state that they will protect the site and clean up things after doing the painting job.

Don’t Hire a Painting Company That has no Insurance

Look at insurance and see that the painting company has liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Anything can happen when they are doing the job. They may mess up with things and cause damage to your property. Injuries can occur to the painters and if they don’t have insurance to protect them, you may be liable.

Talk a walk with the painter before the work starts and note things like torn screens, cracked glass panes, and old paint spills. These are common damages that may occur when painting, but when you know the existing damages, there will be no arguments with the painter.

Don’t Pay Upfront

While you may need to pay some amount for the job to begin, don’t pay all the money for the project at first. You can pay something like 10 percent of the amount when signing the contract. You can then agree how the remaining amount will be paid. Let that be put into writing. You can disperse one-third of the amount on the day the work begins, another third midway and the remaining balance can be settled after completion of the work.

If you look into these things, you will avoid mistakes that homeowners and commercial premises owners make when hiring a professional painting company in Clarksville, TN.

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