The Best Surveillance Systems In Chicago

by | Mar 11, 2015 | Security

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If you are interested in video surveillance for your home or business, you want to find a company that provides high quality products and services. These devices come in all kind of quality levels, and each has a different purpose. You might like, for instance, the idea of that high definition machine that can see things a quarter mile out. But is that necessary? Here is some information on finding a great system for you:

What Is It Intended For?

You must figure out if you want to record all the time or just have a live feed.  Will this be outside or inside coverage?  Do you want to record at certain times and not others?  Do you need night vision?  What quality does the filming require?  How far away are you intending to capture things?  You can get help with these answers.  Speaking with a representative from a quality security company can make this easier.  It doesn’t hurt to try to have answers for the above questions before you make that call, too.  Things will go more smoothly, and you will get the system you need to have.

Who Should You Call?

Now you have an idea of what you might need.  So, who is going to give you the right information, be affordable, and be able to fulfill your needs?  The answer is the company that’s been around long enough to be an expert, one that has a strong customer base, and is independently run.   Any good businesses website should tell you how long they’ve been open, and the Better Business Bureau is an excellent source for customer reviews.  To be independently run means that they can offer devices from various manufacturers.  If you wind up with a place that only sells one brand, you might be very limited in what you can get.  You want the best surveillance system in Chicago that you can buy, and that might mean mixing different brands together.

Who Is Responsible?

An often overlooked aspect of video recording is where the recordings will be stored.  Do you want it all in your home, business, or in the protection services servers?  Another thing to consider is the legal aspect.  If you keep the footage yourself, you run the risk of the footage not being allowed in as evidence during a trial.  As an impartial third party, the company might send a representative to help support your case.  Also, if they are the only ones with a record of the incident, then that can protect you in court as well.  How?  If you can’t access the film you certainly can’t alter it in any way.  A defense won’t have much other choice then to fight a losing battle or make a deal.

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