The Best in Virginia: Solid Wood Amish Lighthouse Garden Decor

For people who are looking to create that perfect indoor or outdoor décor for their home, the use of Amish furnishings has been a delight for generations. Well known for their excellent handcrafted woodworking skills, the Amish take great pride in creating high-quality furnishings and décor.

The Amish Handcrafted Difference

Amish furnishings are made from the most beautiful wood materials such as maple, walnut, hickory, beech, elm, mahogany, cherry, and oak. The quality of their work is only matched by some of the finest furniture manufacturers in the country. Since the Amish live and craft their wood without major machinery, their designs are distinctive, carefully designed, and all handcrafted. Each piece has sanding done by hand.

Solid Wood Handcrafting

To dry their wood pieces, the Amish use both open-air seasoning and kiln drying. These techniques which have been part of furniture making for thousands of years add to the beauty and strength of the pieces.

Unlike other furniture manufacturers, the Amish never use wood materials or wood composites. Each piece crafted by the Amish is made of 100% pure wood. Their woodworking skills have been known in America since before the country gained its independence from Britain. However, their work became much more widely recognized throughout the country and abroad in the early 1900s.

When it comes to outside furnishings and garden décor, the Amish are well known for crafting beautiful solid wood lounge chairs and tables, porch swings, and swing beds, as well as their famous garden accent lighthouses and birdhouses. Amish designers are famous for crafting some of the most beautiful lighthouse decor in Virginia. They come in a variety of colors to accent most outside furnishings.

If you are looking for beautiful Amish furnishings or lighthouse decor in Virginia, we have some of the best in Amish handcrafted wood pieces. You can learn more about our offerings at

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