The Beauty and the Efficiency of Barn Doors

by | Jan 9, 2014 | Home Improvement

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Barn doors are not just an efficient way of keeping your barn secure and protected, but rather a cosmetic addition to any doorway or opening. Originally, a barn door was a practical way of keeping hay dry, keeping livestock inside and safe and keeping the nasty cold weather out of the barn. Barns are essentially designed for the use on farms, whereby they are used for storage of all manner of items. They are a quintessential picture of many areas of American prairies meadows and their style is unmistakable.

Modern Uses for Barn Doors

Nowadays, there are other methods that can incorporate the use of a barn door. Many homes have outbuildings or carriage rooms that require barn style door with a large opening that can be decorated with a barn door. Barn doors are usually large in size, but the styles can be adapted to smaller, regular sized doors as a cosmetic addition.

In smaller homes a sliding barn door style door is a useful space saving device that can be fitted almost anywhere. If you have a narrow hallway, for instance, you can fit a sliding barn door to your hallway wall and slide your living room door to one side for opening and closing. This eliminates the need to squeeze into a tiny space to get past the open door and it also allows you to move furniture in out without too much disruption.

Sliding barn doors are usually made from a number of vertical wooden planks, backed by a cross beam or a beam running on diagonal corners for stability. The top of the door is affixed with runners that fit onto the sliding structure to assist with ease of movement. Sliding barn doors can be made from many materials, such as wood, uPVC, and MDF-medium density fiberboard. They can also be painting in any color you choose to suit the interior of your home. Their fixtures and fittings can be stainless steel, cast iron, or metal and they can be bolted on with contrasting colors bolts or matching. As heavy as the doors my seem, they will slide very easily to open and close and not feel as though they are heavy at all. There is also the option to have doors with fitted windows or solid doors, for either exterior or interior use.


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