The 2 Topmost Essential Aspects of Maryland Commercial Roofing

by | Jan 29, 2013 | Roofing

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Since the beginnings of the construction industry material manufacturers have sought out the best in protective types of materials for Maryland commercial roofing. Roofing industry manufacturers have long since produced a various array of roofing materials such as glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, wood, rock, rubber, fiberglass and alternative fibers for instance. Much emphasis is placed on the roofs outermost surface referred to as the “roof coating” that serves as a protection agent in Maryland commercial roofing. The roofs coating is somewhat determined by the make-up of the roofs surface.

When one selects Maryland commercial roofing they need to keep in mind a number of important contributing factors. The roof coatings elasticity factor is vital in the protection against the great temperature changes Maryland experiences in winters and summers. As an example, if the roof surface is tile or metal a solid roof coating choice would need to have a very high elasticity composition. This would be important in order to accommodate the contraction and expansion during the seasonal weather changes. A good choice of such a roof coating would be elastometric roof coating.

For other roof surfaces on Maryland commercial roofing a roof coating of polyuria or urethane are good choices. Both roof coating choices offer high tensile strength ratings but also include the high elastic properties needing for elongation. Asphalt can be another good roof coating surface when used in conjunction with white coating roofing. Or a mineral surfaced cap sheet consisting of fine granules in connection with an aluminum roof surface. One must be confident in their choice of Maryland area commercial roofing companies in order to be sure of their contractor’s professional experience in such matters.

The thing is with Maryland commercial roofing is that the final top coat isn’t all you want to consider. Often building owners have experienced high utility energy costs for using insufficient roof insulation materials. Roof insulation is an additional layer of protection against heat and cooling costs and it’s well worth the investment. It’s the very installation of the roof insulation that will be so much more energy efficient over the choice of standard fiberglass insulation choices like one would find in a residential roofing situation. Your professional Maryland commercial roofing contractor will suggest a roof insulation that carries a high R-value. It’s the R-value rating that determines the insulations ability to resist heat loss and still offer a high thermal resistance. Most often this is accomplished with spray foam insulation.

Spray foam insulations nature is affected by its installation. Without using very experienced commercial roofing contractors who work consistently with spray foam roofing you can significantly reduce its intended effectiveness. The entire process of the material usually requires a certified technician by the insulation manufacturer. You’ll want to check the accreditations of the Maryland commercial roofing outfit you choose.

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