Taking Care of Your Air Conditioner in Lebanon NJ

The town of Lebanon is like anywhere else in the Lebanon NJ, its blazingly hot. One simply can’t live without an air conditioner in Lebanon, the Arizona heat is too merciless. But your air conditioner is like any other appliance that works hard everyday, it shows wear and tear. Just like with a dishwasher you use everyday the first few years it works terrific, but as time goes on and the years pass you notice its not as effiecient or as effective as it once was. So it’s the same with your air conditioner in Lebanon. You’ll notice in the years leading up to its needing replacing its less efficient and not quite as effective and begins to draw more energy just to maintain a cool temperature.

In order to really get the most out of your air conditioner in Lebanon you should take certain steps to maintain it to try and extend its usefulness. One major helpful tip that most people don’t think to do it to clean the filter every month. With its constant use your air conditioner picks up all the pollutants and debris that is brought into your home. With the soaring temperatures extending for months at a time it’s rare that people of Lebanon are able to open up their homes and exchange the cooled air inside for cleaner air from outdoors. Studies show that there are more contaminants in the air inside our homes than that of even heavy smog areas outdoors. Your air conditioners filter is the only defense against these pollutants in your homes air. Therefor cleaning it once a month will enable your air conditioners filter to work at its true potential for a longer period of time.

During that period of cleaning your air conditioner in Lebanon gives you the opportunities to not only clean the filter but to take a wire brush to the drain channels in order to clear any build up or collected debris. If these drain channels get clogged they will stop the air conditioner from reducing humidity. The fact is that the coils too can become clogged with dust and debris that builds up. Cleaning the coils is not to be done with a wire brush but should be done with a vacuum cleaner hose attachment. Be sure for safety’s sake that first you unplug the air conditioner before attempting to clean the coils. This will keep the heat exchanges functioning clearly.

While tending to your air conditioner in Lebanon NJ it’s a good idea to check the air conditioning outlets, the vents and cold air returns. Be sure that these are clear and not blocked by furniture or other items. These few maintenance tips for caring for your air conditioner in Lebanon will keep your unit functioning at a high level for far longer than those not having such items tended to.

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