Steps Involved in Installation of Pavers Greensburg

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* First of all you need to make a plan, if you want to install pavers in Greensburg or anywhere else. Your project can be successful only if your layout planning is good. You should be creative while doing so as make two or three plans then decide which one suits you. Never forget to provide a slope as recommended by the local laws which vary in every area.

* If your project is simple, it still can become interesting due to creative ideas.

* Then you need to select the material according to your budget, size of the pavers and design as well. If the plan is not irregular, you can easily make a calculation for bricks, concrete or other tiles. However, if the layout has many curves you should add extra 10 percent in your total calculation of the material, as material gets wasted while cutting for a curve or a circular shape.

* Then you need to outline the area where you want pavers.

* Then make the slope, as it is required, but start it from the highest point which is mostly at the bottom of the entrance. Drive a stake at the highest point then tie the string with it. Then after required intervals keep on making the other points with stake, and finally tie the string to the lowest point. This whole process will make the slope in the entire patio.

* Then next step is excavation of the ground, which is required up to 4 to 6 inch for driveways, but for wet areas it should be 12 inches. The depth should include the thickness of the mortar and the base. Similarly, there should be extra space excavated for the boundaries ranging from 6 to 12 inches. Same practice is done in Greensburg for laying pavers.

* Then base should be laid involving materials like crushed stone for 2 inches depth, then compact the base. At certain intervals place the dividers which could be aluminum strips, or plastic, steel or even glass.

* Then pour sand with a thickness of 1 or 1.5 inches, and then start laying the pavers. Lay them according to your already made design, and check their level which should be the same. Sometimes, cutting is required to fit the right pattern.

* Then compact the pavers over the sand with a compactor. If there are any voids between the pavers, fill them with the sand, but sand should be dry.

* Then seal the pavers with a good sealer to prevent any kind of sliding or weed growth.

Every step should be done carefully for a durable work. If the base soil is already sandy, then you should use cement in the base. Similarly, when laying the gravel, it should be sprayed with water for a better compaction. If you are not doing it yourself, then better hire an experienced contractor. You can check some contractors before choosing the one. You can also get recommendation from a friend for a good contractor.


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