Signs That the Time Has Come for New Roofing in Hialeah FL

While the current roof has served the homeowner well for many years, the time has come to make a change. The thing is that not everyone can tell when a repair is enough versus the need for a complete roof replacement. Here are some signs that the time has come to invest in new Roofing in Hialeah FL.

Brittle Shingles

During a recent project to clean out the gutters, the homeowner noticed that the shingles are no longer smooth and supple. At some point, they have begun to come dry and brittle. In fact, a couple of them were crushed just as the owner walked across the roof to the gutters. If the shingles are in that type of condition, rest assured all it will take is one good storm to cause plenty of leaks. The best move is to call a Florida Roof-Tech Corp. today and start making plans for selecting new Roofing in Hialeah FL.

Frequent Repairs

While making repairs now and then is not unusual, the homeowner has noticed a trend developing. Rather than having something done to the roof every few years, a repair was made three times in the last twelve months. That is a sure sign the roof is not aging well. Before spending another penny on repairs, it would pay to talk with a contractor about the cost of a full replacement. Doing so will reduce the frequency of the repairs and save the homeowner money in the long run.

Storm Damage

While there were no real signs the roof was weakening, a recent storm made the situation apparent. The morning after the storm, the homeowner found the front and back yards littered with broken pieces of shingles. With no hope of making repairs, the best move is to look into the installation of a brand new roof. While this will mean a major expense, it will also help protect the overall investment in the property.

If there is any doubt, have a contractor inspect the roof. With that information in hand, it will be possible to decide if a repair or a complete replacement is the smartest move.

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