Several Causes of Simple Central Air Conditioning Problems

One of the most frustrating times of being a homeowner or renter in Mission Viejo and other areas of southern CA is when major appliances break down. The central air conditioner isn’t immune to this list. When it doesn’t work properly during the warm seasons, life quickly becomes uncomfortable. Here are some common reasons why central air units don’t work properly.

Dirty Air Filter

Airflow is very important in circulating cool air throughout your home. Air enters your home and is directed through an air filter. When this air filter becomes dirty, it slows the designed flow of air in your home. This causes the air to move more slowly. Areas at the end of the ventilation system receive little to no cool air. Remove and replace the air filter from your system, and your AC will work more efficiently. If you find other issues, select and call the best residential AC replacement Mission Viejo CA offers.

Circuit Breakers

If your system is not producing any cool air, this could mean that the AC’s circuit breakers are not in the ON position. Find your breaker box in the utility or other area, open it, and identify the breaker labeled “AC” or “Air Conditioner.” Turn the switch to the ON position. If your AC breaker keeps tripping off, then you may have a more serious electrical issue.

However, sometimes air conditioning units will break down for more complex reasons. It is important to know about the best residential AC replacement Mission Viejo CA and other areas offer. Look for integrity, professionalism and honesty in a service provider.

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