Seasonal Services to Invest in for the Proper Function of Your HVAC System

The HVAC system in your home or business is designed to function during every season of the year. It serves as your central air conditioning during the summertime and then can switch to heating your building during the coldest months of winter.

Because of the importance that it plays in your building’s comfort and safety, the HVAC needs to be kept in the best condition possible. By hiring the services of a heating and air company in Jacksonville, FL, building owners can hand off the maintenance and repair tasks to contractors who are licensed to work on HVAC systems for clients.

Keeping the Freon Full

When contacting a local heating and air company in Jacksonville, FL, clients can stipulate that they want the Freon in their units checked at least once a year. The ideal time to check the level of the coolant is in early spring right before you switch the HVAC’s function to air conditioning. You want the system to be able to start cooling the air in your place right away.

It is against the law in most states to handle Freon that is used in central air conditioning units. The risk of contamination to the environment is too high. You must hire a licensed HVAC contractor to refill the Freon in your central unit.

Replacing the Thermostat

The thermostat is critical to your HVAC’s ability to heat your building thoroughly during the winter. When this part stops working, the unit has no way of regulating the temperature of the air that it takes in or blows out in your home or business. The system could overheat or alternatively blow out cold rather than heated air.

An HVAC contractor can replace this part quickly. He or she can get to the inside of the motor where it is located.

An HVAC technician can offer vital repair and maintenance services. You can call on this contractor for seasonal HVAC upkeep.

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