Roofing Contractors In University Place, WA Also Do Inspections

Roof certifications are oftentimes a mandatory component of a sales contract, in others they are not. Roofing contractors in University Place, WA can be called upon to inspect the roof, following a pre-ordained checklist which will identify to the buyer and the mortgage company any elements that need replacement or are deemed unsafe. The professional roofing contractor will be called upon by a home inspector to validate his findings and to make recommendations for a solution to the problem.

Home inspectors need to be licensed as a way to be assured of their credibility and competence. A great deal can lie on the outcome of the inspection and all parties want accuracy. The real estate agent is the best source of information when looking for an inspector, there are also many on-line directories. Regardless of how you find a home inspector, ask for references, get contacts of people that he has worked for before and check with the BBB to see if there are any unanswered complaints that need to be considered. When the report is completed make sure you get a detailed report, including any supplemental information provided by roofing contractors in University Place, WA that have been asked for a professional opinion or an estimate for the repair or renovation.

When you observe a home inspector go about his business you may wonder just what is happening. The inspector does minimal functional inspections, perhaps he will run a faucet or turn on a few lights, but mostly he relies on visual impressions and experience. No unlike roofing contractors in University Place, WA, if they see a stain on a ceiling they have a very good idea of why it’s there, where it’s coming from and how to fix it. This is also true of the housing inspector who also checks the heating and cooling systems along with other items on the checklist.

The outside of the house gets a thorough check, the walkways, drives, patios and porches are checked for cracks and settling. The roof is checked, is the ridge straight and level or does the roof sag? If issues of this nature are noticed roofing contractors in University Place, WA are called in for a professional evaluation and opinion. The chimney is looked at, is the chimney cap cracked or whole, is the chimney straight, are any bricks missing? The gutters and downspouts get a good once over, do the gutters slope toward the downspouts, are there any loose sections? The walls are next, Are there missing bricks or missing boards or siding pieces, is there any visible rot? The paint is checked for flaking and peeling, and water marks on the foundation are looked for.

A housing inspector, when working in co-operation with contractors such as roofing contractors can do a lot with what appears to be little effort; this is because of the years of skill and experience.

If you are contemplating a new roof, siding, gutters or windows prior to the sale of your house, contact Custom Design Roofing LLC for reliable service done by full service licensed roofing contractors in University Place, WA.

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