Roof Leaking? How a Roofer in Lake City FL Can Help

After the last rainstorm, the homeowner noticed a watermark appearing on the living room ceiling. There is no question that the roof has developed a leak. What is not yet clear is how severe the situation happens to be. This is the right time to put in a call to a local Roofer in Lake City FL and find out what is happening overhead.

Assessing the Condition of the Roof

Upon arriving at the home for the roof leak detection in Lake City FL, the roofer will climb onto the roof and begin to have a look around. Careful attention is paid to the condition of the shingles. Any cracks or buckled areas along the expanse of the roof are examined more closely. Along with the shingles, the roofer will also inspect any flashing found in the roof valleys and around chimneys. The goal is to identify any defects that allowed rainwater to leak through the roof, into the attic, and eventually cause that stain on the living room ceiling.

Debriefing with the Homeowner

After finishing the assessment of the roof, the roofer will sit down and have a talk with the homeowner. During that conversation, the owner will hear both the good and the bad. This means if the roof is in generally good condition but does have a couple of trouble spots, the roofer will point those out. Along with talking about the problems found, the professional will also discuss ways to correct the defects and make the roof secure once more. You should contact Mark Gillmeister Roofing for more information.

Assuming there is more than one possible solution to the problem, the roofer can point out the advantages and the drawbacks associated with each one. Those will include discussions about price, how long the solution is likely to last, and what long-term benefits will come from the action. The goal is to ensure the homeowner has all the information needed to make the right decision.

The team at Keeler Roofing can quickly evaluate the circumstances, provide the owner with possible solutions, and take care of the repairs once the owner decides which approach is best.

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