Remodeling Strategies to Create More Storage Space in Kitchen Design in San Marcos CA

A big change in a home’s kitchen design in San Marcos CA can be accomplished with an extensive remodeling project. Homeowners may have one particular goal they want to achieve or they may have several. A common request of professional remodeling contractors is to somehow build more storage space into the kitchen. The household residents are tired of having so much clutter on the countertops.


More storage space will allow the household to buy food products in bulk. They will have more workspace available when they can move small appliances that are seldom used into a nearby cabinet. Some households without enough storage in the kitchen wind up putting the bread machine on the floor by the table when it’s not in use. The blender winds up on top of the stove.

Examples of Strategies

In the initial consultation with a remodeling contractor, the homeowners may actually not have any idea how they can gain more storage space without giving up kitchen features they really like. Experienced contractors know the strategies for kitchen design in San Marcos CA that are effective.

They can add pull-out sections in cabinets, for example, and lazy Susan devices in corner cupboards. A pull-out rack might be possible between the refrigerator and the countertop or stove. Built-in cutting boards slide out as needed, eliminating the need to stack cutting boards next to a wall. Contractors know all sorts of ways of making a kitchen more efficient.

If the customers are willing to give up a kitchen table or breakfast nook, a snack bar with cabinetry underneath might be added. This is only feasible when the household has another complete dining area nearby. Depending on the home’s floor plan, it may be OK to have the snack bar seating in an adjacent room, effectively connecting both spaces.

The Household’s Favourite Room

With these projects completed, the kitchen now becomes the household’s favorite room. The area looks more streamlined and orderly. The extra workspace makes meal preparation easier. Small appliances like the blender can easily be brought out from the pull-out shelf behind a cabinet door. Contact Guedes Construction Inc. to get started on remodeling.

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