Reasons for Bay and Bow Windows

by | Jan 14, 2015 | Doors And Windows

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Protruding windows such as bay windows or bow windows can make a room appear larger and add personality to a home. Place a bow window in a breakfast area to distinguish it from the kitchen or have a bay window in the study with a bench beneath for extra seating. A protruding window can change a cookie cutter house into a unique home that stands out in the neighbourhood. From the outside, these windows enhance architectural beauty and from the inside they add extra space and character. In order to decide whether a bay or a bow window is the best choice, one must understand the differences in the two.

Both Bay And Bow Windows protrude outward from the wall of the home. However, bay windows always have three points, or openings, while a bow window always has more (probably four or five). Bay windows take up a smaller area with a large window in the middle and usually two smaller ones on either side. They act as accent points for a room. Bow windows on the other hand, are deeply curved and typically all four or five (or more) window panes are the same size. Although bow windows do open up a room by protruding outward, only bow windows can actually wrap around corners to allow natural light in from two sides.

Another major difference in the two styles is the cost of installation. Because bow windows are typically much larger they are also more expensive to buy and install or replace. However, if installed correctly, both Bay And Bow windows can help save on energy bills. If tightly fitted, the windows can warm the home from the sun and cool it when the sun goes down. Both types of windows also bring a unique charm to any home. Just make sure they are purchased from a company that offers a warranty for any issues that may occur down the line. Also have them installed by a certified professional as any air leaks can not only cause damage to the windows and panes over time, but also to the homeowner’s utility bill. Visit Us for more information.

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