Preparing for Possible Floods Is Easy With Latest Water Diversion Products

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Home Improvement

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Millions of Americans are caught off-guard every year by floods. For the lucky ones, the floods only invade their basements or part of the first floor of their homes. For the not so lucky ones, their homes are almost entirely buried underwater.

Floods are completely unpredictable too given that nature will redirect water in ways that aren’t always predicted by flood plain maps. If your local weatherman says there is a good possibility of flash flooding on the way, what will you do? Water diversion is a good option, and with the latest products for water diversion, it is easier than ever before.

The Water Diversion Kit

You could spend hours creating and stacking sandbags but the problem there is that you probably won’t have hours to prepare. Sandbags are solid, but enough fast-moving water can also shove them over and break through the barrier. You have no idea what kind of flood or how powerful it might become when you do have some warning. Hence, you should have a kit that helps you set up fast and divert water away from critical entry points.

This kit includes a tough durable barrier that adheres to the base of your doorway and is secured by pouches that inflate themselves when exposed to water. They become very heavy and prevent the water from breaking through. The more water hits that barrier, the heavier the “sand” bags become. Water is then moved away from the door by channels along the edges of the pouches/”sand” bags.

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