Pet Safe Wireless Fence – Everything You Wanted To Know

A pet safe wireless fence allows your pet to move freely within your yard or garden without any worry of it escaping or wandering to accident prone areas of your property. It is a type of pet containment system that is safe and secure. Such a system is effective in training a dog and is also safe for it. Today, there are many pet-owners who are opting for such a system, to discipline their dogs. You too should opt for such a system.

How does a pet safe wireless fence works?

To understand how such a system works, you need to know how such a system is installed in your property. At first, a metal (preferably copper) wire is buried about 6 inches under the ground. There is a transmitter that is placed safely inside the house or in the garage. This transmitter sends a radio signal through the wire that is buried in the ground. The transmitter actually covers a certain area around your home or property. A lightweight collar that acts as a receiver is worn by the animal. When the animal goes near the boundary or invisible pet safe wireless fence, the receiver collar receives a signal from the transmitter. Thus, the animal gets a warning beep from the receiver collar. If your dog does not pay heed to the beep, it will get static correction. The correction or contention technique of such a system is clinically tested and not harmful for the pets. It works as a starting effect and does not inflict any sort of pain.

Types of pet safe wireless fence

Mainly, there are two types of pet safe wireless fence – the outdoor and indoor. However, most of the pet-owners prefer to use the outdoor system as such a system help them to keep their animal outdoors, without fear of escaping or getting into someone else’s property. With the help of such a system, you can demarcate certain area within which you want to restrict the movements of your pet. When your dog or cat moves close to the border of that area, a beep message is heard to alert the animal. If still it ignores the alert call, it gets a light shock, which is not harmful but, helps to discipline it.

Similarly, if there are any room or corner of your home where you do not want your pet to go, you can use an indoor pet safe wireless fence.

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