Painting Contractors In Portland Can Refresh Your Kitchen

There is something about the kitchen that makes it the central hub of the home. This is where everyone spends some time. No matter if your friends are gathering for drinks after the kids head off to school or you are playing a board game with the children on a Saturday afternoon, this is an important spot. Make it your own by working with local painters. The painting contractors in Portland can give you everything you need to refresh this space. With the best painting companies in Portland available, you really can create a brand new look.

Where to Get Started

Color is a great tool to give a kitchen a new look. Consider what your color scheme will be. Then, think about the surfaces here that you may want to consider painting. The first step is likely the walls. You can also refresh this space by painting the baseboards and any crown molding in the area. Look for other areas where you can add a pop of color, such as on the space behind your oven or in your pantry. At ESP Painting, we can work with you to give you some fresh, new ideas to use.

Thinking About the Cabinets?

Cabinet painting is an excellent way to transform a kitchen. If the cabinets themselves are in good condition, but the color or wood stain is no longer what you like, you may be able to paint them. This is a bigger job than most people recognize, though. That is why it is so important for you to choose a painter to have the work done.

With painting contractors in Portland, you really do remain in control over the options for your kitchen. Painters like this want to help give you a new look to your home while brightening it up. And, with the help of painting companies in Portland, your kitchen can be even more inviting.

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