Marble Floor Polishing is required to Maintain Appearances

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Marble is a natural stone that has a variable appearance, one of its primary draws as flooring. No two surfaces look alike. This stone is quite versatile and it can easily transform any room in your home. The only drawback is the continuous maintenance required to maintain its appearance. Daily to weekly cleaning is necessary to keep stains from setting in, and marble floor polishing is required to maintain its sheen.

Daily Maintenance Requirements

Daily dust mopping or vacuuming is necessary whether the marble is in the kitchen, bathroom or foyer. This prevents build-up of dust, dirt and debris, which could stain and scratch the flooring, particularly with foot traffic constantly walking and grinding the dirt into the marble. However, even with the most diligent of cleaning, marble flooring will eventually become worn looking, require some marble floor polishing to rejuvenate its appearance.

Polishing your Marble

The cleanliness of your marble flooring will often dictate how often it is cleaned. Regular cleaning is required between marble floor polishing episodes. After dust mopping and vacuuming of debris, a pH balanced cleaner, that does not require rinsing, is best. A pH balanced cleaner with built-in moisturizers can keep the stone from drying out, while removing dirt and grime on the surface.

Once the marble floor is clean, the polishing can commence. A polymer preserver, specially made for marble floor polishing, is optimal. Use a wet finishing mop to spread this, doing 15-20 square feet at a time until the entire floor has been done. Once this coating is dry, a high-speed polishing buff should be used to burnish the floor, bringing the surface to a shine. Sometimes, the polishing process, from product application to buffing, must be repeated for the best look.

Because high speed burnishing is best, marble floor polishing is more of an event. Unless you own a buffer, one must be rented, so polishing is planned in advance. While more maintenance intensive than other flooring surfaces, marble is quite attractive and does have hygienic effects. As a natural stone, it is harder for germs to take a foothold in it, especially if you clean it regularly.

Polishing is a quarterly to semi-annual event, when dealing with marble floors. Choose cleaning and polishing products that are specifically made for this natural stone. For more information, check out at: webiste.

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