Know What to Do Before Calling a Company to Repair Your Air Conditioner

Summer is quickly approaching and before you realize it, the temperature outside will be rising. When the hot summer heat arrives, it is important to have a cool and comfortable environment to escape to. The last thing anyone wants to experience is a problem with their air conditioner, especially when the temperatures are scorching outside. While routine maintenance can prevent most problems with an air conditioner and lessen the chance of the unit breaking down at an inconvenient time. Even though the machine may stop working properly and require a professional to fix the issue. There are a few steps you can take before calling an expert to help determine if you require AC repair in Chicago.

What to Check

1. The thermostat should be checked to make sure it is set to cool and not turned to a high temperature. If you lower the temperature and the home still does not cool, you will need to call a company that offers AC repair in Chicago.
2. Check to see if the circuit breaker has not tripped cutting off power to the machine.
3. Go outside to check your unit and make sure it is operating, if it is not making any noise there is a good chance your air conditioner needs to be repaired.
4. The filter of the cooling system should be checked, if it has been awhile since the filter has been changed there is a good chance a new one will fix your issue.
5. You want to check the vents inside the home to make sure they are open and not blocked by anything.

Call in an Expert  

Once everything has been checked and your cooling system is still not functioning properly. You should call in an expert to inspect your AC unit and to determine the problem you are experiencing. The skilled experts at Deljo Heating and Cooling offer the services that home and business owners require to make sure their machine remains operational this summer. Visit for more details.

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