Keep Your Family Warm All Winter With a Furnace Repair Facility Near Palatine

Living near Palatine can often mean enduring cold, wet winters which can be extremely dangerous as the night drags on. If your heating system fails in the middle of these freezing conditions you might find yourself in an even tougher situation. Thankfully, there are options for a Furnace Repair near Palatine that can get your furnace or HVAC system functioning in the shortest amount of time. Most of the time the heating failure is something simple like a faulty thermostat or a failed control valve. In other cases it might be a failing pilot system if the furnace is fueled by natural gas or a faulty heating element if the system uses electrical resistance to generate heat.

Today’s furnaces are very complex devices and the more efficient the appliance the more complex it becomes. This is especially true with high efficiency gas burning furnaces. Some of these appliances boast an efficiency rating of ninety eight percent and because they burn so much of the incoming fuel they don’t require the traditional exhaust system. However, this efficiency comes at the cost of complexity and this complexity makes them difficult to repair.

One way you can help avoid the need for emergency Furnace Repair Facility near Palatine is to have your furnace properly maintained. This maintenance should be done at least once a year although the HVAC system may require cleaning and service on the furnace portion in the fall and air conditioning service in the spring. In most cases you can arrange this service with your HVAC contractor and many of them offer specials that include this service.

Of course, even the best repair and service won’t keep your furnace operating forever. This is where an experienced contractor like Five Star Heating & Air, Inc comes into the picture. Not only can they install your new furnace system, but they can also ensure the replacement furnace will heat your home comfortably without costing you a lot on energy bills. Plus, if your home has a simple furnace system that you would like to convert to a full scale HVAC unit they can help with that as well. In some cases the new system can use the old air ducts making the exchange easy.

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