It all Goes down the Drain in the End

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Home Improvement

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There are no specific credits awarded for the invention or creation of the drainage system, but it could be considered a joint collaboration between many ancient civilizations across many hundreds of years. In ancient history, there are mentions of early ‘storm drains’ invented by the Romans to catch run-off water from large amounts of precipitation. Many drains were also ‘traps’ for heavy sediment which settled in small catch-basins at the bottom of the drain.

Underground piping is also an extensive component of a complex drainage system and the pipes are now, generally made from heavy PVC, where as previously, the Romans used lead. Most smaller storm drains are mere conduits that flow from outlets and head into large systems of piping, finally making their way to the treatment plants and sanitation areas for processing.

As with the rest of the country, drain cleaning in Suffolk County, NY consists of experts with professional equipment. When you are at home and one of your open drains is blocked, you have the capacity to fix it quickly by using a plumber snake and some liquid plumber fluid. However, some drains are so heavily soiled with solid waste that they need blasting with slightly more hard working ingredients that can clear away all the excess waste materials from the sides of the pipes.

Clogged drains have been likened—by some experts who try to explain the hazards to novice homeowners—to heart problems and it kind of makes sense when you think about it. Let’s suppose your drains have clogged up and become so thick with gunk that you can barely drain your bath, shower or sink. This is similar to cholesterol and hardening of the arteries, but if caught in time it can be saved and cured. A blocked drain, left blocked, will eventually crack and split and cease to function. This means there were be underground sewage leaking into healthy soil and possibly contaminating otherwise healthy ground and plants.

Septic Tanks and Maintenance

Those with septic tanks have to conduct regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain a long life for the sewage systems. With proper cleaning of drains and equipment your septic system could last you an absolutely lifetime.

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