Is Your Home Totally Secure? Review the Locksmith Services in Portland, OR

by | May 29, 2018 | Locks and Safes

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You cannot take your home security features for granted. Therefore, it does not hurt to assess your home’s current locks and alarms. If you need to replace locks or upgrade some security features, you may have to do so. Even if you have an advanced alarm system, it pays to make sure all your portals are secured.

That is why you cannot overlook locksmith services in Portland, OR. Doing so is a mistake, especially if your home needs a security upgrade.

Types of Residential Services

Residential locksmith assistance comes in the form of a variety services. These services include the following:

  • Rekeying current deadbolts and locks
  • Installations of peep holes
  • Installation of new deadbolts and locks
  • Master rekeying
  • Installation of cabinet locks
  • Repair of locks
  • Mortise lock repairs and installations
  • Installation of locks for patio doors
  • Installation of locks for garage doors

Emergency Services

When reviewing locksmith services online, you also want to depend on a contractor who offers emergency services. After all, it is good to know who to call if you get locked out of your home or car. People without this number tend to panic when they come across this type of unexpected situation.

Know Who to Call

If you take your home’s security seriously, you need to take some time and evaluate the locksmith services offered by local contractors. Nowadays, this type of help is as close as the number you add on your smartphone. Therefore, make it a priority to keep the number of a professional locksmith company handy.

Companies such as Locksmith Monkey offer a full array of security and keying services for residential, automotive, and commercial customers. Therefore, you can call the business whether you need to have a residential lock installed or you need a new transponder key for your car. Keep a locksmith’s number handy for any type of locksmith emergency or security need.

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