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by | May 7, 2013 | Electrical

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Are you looking for an Electrical Contractor? An electrical contractor typically is a person that specializes in different areas of construction, installation, design and maintenance of different types of electrical systems. Electrical Contractor is usually referred to as an electrician, these electricians are normally insured and hold licenses to be a will operate within any given state. The insurance protects the customer from any kind of things that can go wrong. The insurance can also protect the individual contractor or employees of the contractor. The requirements for the insurance range from state to state but are typically required for electrician to hold an insurance to protect their work.

Electricians have the ability to work for companies or individuals depending on their experience and ability of their apprenticeship. This industry in the United States is estimated to be around about $130 billion from the different types of work performed. There are typically three different types of classifications for an electrical contractor. The first of which is called an outside or a line, these types of electrical contractors are responsible for the different types of work performed on high-voltage power lines or transmissions. The different line contractors have the ability to maintain and build the different types of infrastructure that are needed to transport electricity. This type of electricity usually comes from different types of power plants whether it is Hydro, nuclear, solar or wind. The electricity is usually fed to homes, buildings or factories we located within the general state.

Another type of classification for electric contractor is an inside contractor. They typically provide electricity to viable structures that are within the boundary lines of properties. This could include substations and outdoor lighting these types of contractors also performs cable design, maintenance for residential, institutional and commercial. They also perform installations for the following areas mentioned above. Another type of an electrical contractor could be an IBS or VDV these stand for integrated building systems and voice data video. These types of contractors typically deal with low-voltage installations. These types of installations typically are climate controls, wireless networks, backup power, telecommunications, fiber optics, security systems and energy-efficient lighting. These types of contractors have the ability to integrate all of the systems to work together for a building performance or energy efficiency.

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