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Power outages can occur due to the weather, utility problems or other reasons. When your power goes out for days, it can be a hardship on you and your family. By purchasing an automatic standby generator at a Generators Bethlehem area dealer, you’ll still have the comforts of home, even when the power goes out.

Q. What’s the difference between a portable generator and an automatic standby generator?

A. An automatic standby generator is hooked into your electric box and when the power goes out, it automatically kicks on. You don’t have to do a thing and you don’t even have to be at home. When your utility company gets the power back on, the automatic generator will immediately shut off. With this type of generator in Bethlehem, you’re never out of power. If you have a portable generator and the electric goes out, you have to set it up, run extension cords and start it up. If you’re not at home when the power goes out, it could be hours before your house has electricity. This could cause the foods in your refrigerator to ruin and your heat or air won’t be running either. An automatic generator uses LP or natural gas for fuel and it’s hooked up to run off the supply from your house. A portable generator uses gasoline and you have to keep filling it up when it runs low on fuel.

Q. Will I have to do any maintenance on my automatic generator?

A. To keep your generator running efficiently, it’s recommended that you periodically change the oil and filter. The owner’s manual on your specific model will list the maintenance schedule and the correct type of oil and filter.

Q. Some automatic generators are liquid cooled while others are air cooled, what’s the difference?

A. A liquid cooled generator has a radiator that cools the engine and an air cooled unit uses a fan for the engine cooling process. Larger generators that require bigger engines are usually cooled by a radiator instead of a fan.

If you’re interested in setting up an automatic standby generator, ask a Generators Bethlehem area dealer to assist you with choosing the correct sized unit for your home.
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