Important Information About Commercial Roofing in Wilmette IL

When one is in the process of building a commercial building, there are many different materials that can be used to construct quality roofing. Primarily, there are four main types of roof systems one can choose from, and each system has its own set of benefits. Professionals in Commercial Roofing Wilmette IL provide consultation and building services to help one transform their vision of a building into an actual structure.

Thermoplastic roofing is the first type of roof to be considered when building a commercial structure. Thermoplastic roofs are made of durable materials, which are useful in reflecting ultra violet rays. The materials used to build a thermoplastic roof are very effective in heat resistance during the summer months, and they are tolerant of the colder weather during the winter months. A benefit of these types of roofs is their lifespan. Thermoplastic roofs have a life spans exceeding twenty years. Once installed, one only has to schedule regular maintenance for thermoplastic roofs.

Another type of roofing structure is photovoltaic panels, more commonly known as solar panels. Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as the cost of living and energy bills increase. Solar panels allow the commercial owner to focus on being green by being completely self sufficient in terms of energy. Photovaoltaic panels are installed over the existing roof top or on top of a glass roof.

Green roofs are a growing fad in America. Green roofs are flat roofs covered completely by vegetation. This is made possible by placing the soil and vegetation on top of waterproofing membranes. Green roofs are most popular in urban areas because the plants absorb most of the heat, which decreases insulation costs. These plants also extend the lifespan of the roofing structure by two to three times. This allows the roof to be functional for up to sixty years instead of twenty.

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