How Windshield Repair is Done to Fix a Cracked Windshield

A motor vehicle windshield is made from a combination of plastic and glass. As the name suggests, this covering protects a motorists and other passengers from the harsh effects of wind, rain, intense sunlight and other elements. Windshields are designed to withstand pebbles, debris and other projectiles thrown at them by other vehicles using the same road. However, some of these objects may hit the screen with a lot of impact resulting in a series of cracks. This may require a windshield repair.

The crack can be a bull’s eye, star shaped or a long crack. The last type occurs as a result of subjecting glass to sudden changes in temperature. Other factors that often damage windscreens include the sudden closing of door as well as vibrations arising from the vehicle’s daily engine use. Driving techniques also contribute to a windshield’s damage. A carelessly driven vehicle is at a higher risk of windshield damage than one that is well driven.

Once a crack has been detected, early intervention can prevent further damage. At windshield repair Marietta shops, the crack is first cleaned out. This is done to clear the surface of any accumulated dirt and glass particles. The crack is then turned into a bull’s eye. The purpose is to prevent the crack from spreading and widening. During the windshield repair process “bull’s eyes” may be created at both ends of a long crack. It is done by gently tapping the screen with a metal probe taking care not to spoil the plastic layer found between the two layers of glass that make up the windshield. A chemical substance, resin, is then loaded into a device known as an injector. The resin is applied into the cracked area. The injector has a mechanism that creates a vacuum on the area by sucking out air. A pressure valve then pushes in the resin.

Windshield repair experts use resin that requires UV light in order to dry up and harden. The vehicle is then driven outside the workshop to allow the area to cure. Alternatively, some garages such as windshield repair Marietta firms use UV lamps. After the area is cured, resurfacing resin is applied and covered with cellophane. It is again left to cure under sunlight or through the use of an ultraviolet lamp.

When the resurfacing resin cures, the screen is scrapped to rid it of excess resin. Scrapping also helps level out the repaired section so as to create an even surface. The job is completed by having the glass wiped clean using glass cleaners. The car owner should inspect the completed windshield repair job and express satisfaction before signing any papers or making payment.  Since windshield repair Marietta shops uses automated processes, vehicle owners do not have to wait for long.
Glass Windshield Repair Marietta Learn more about windshield cracks, methods of repairing them including time taken for the process.

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