How to Limit the Bugs That Enter Your Garage and Keep It Clean

Two things that are certain about the summer are the heat and the bugs. Both of these elements can be an issue while you’re working in your garage. Fortunately, when it comes to bugs, there are several ways to limit the bugs that decide to make an appearance, providing a quiet and clean space in which to do your work.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a snack or meal in your garage, you’ve probably seen just how quickly the bugs can find all the crumbs you left behind. While you don’t need to stop eating in your garage, it is important to thoroughly clean up after yourself to eliminate this invitation to crawling creatures. Additionally, by keeping an overall clean workspace, you will provide fewer spots for bugs to hide and get comfortable, meaning they’ll move on to someplace more hospitable.

Though it may be difficult to limit the bugs in outdoor areas, your garage is a space that is limited in size and can be protected by bug repellants. Whether you use citronella candles, tiki torches, or chemical bug repellants, bugs will quickly notice that they aren’t welcome and leave you alone.

All these measures are great; however, there still exists the issue that every time you open your garage door, you create a gaping hole that provides an open invitation to all flying and crawling bugs. To help rescind this invitation, a motorized garage door screen in Jacksonville garages can be your greatest asset. With this option, you can have full coverage over your garage door opening, allowing you to have the ventilation you need to stay comfortable while keeping unwanted visitors out.

A motorized garage door screen in Jacksonville is especially useful because you can raise and lower it at the touch of a button, allowing you to continue your work even as you put your protective measures in place.

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