How to Fight Against Clutter and Make Your Kitchen Countertops Usable Again

Your countertops are an integral part of your kitchen. However, there are probably occasions when you wish they didn’t exist as they become a catch-all for papers, toys, and a whole host of other objects that don’t belong in the kitchen. Here are a few easy tips to help conquer the clutter and mess and help make your kitchen countertops in Manhattan usable again.

One obvious step to reclaim your kitchen countertops is simply to remove every last item that is currently cluttering the surface. This removal doesn’t mean you have to put these items away yourself, of course. Rather, you’re moving everything so that you can start with a clean slate. Set aside a large cardboard box for the temporary storage of the items and call for a family meeting to show everyone the amount of stuff that has accumulated in the kitchen. This may be all that is required to change minds and habits.

Since your kitchen is likely the central hub of activity in your home, it’s unavoidable that some items will always end up within its walls. To help keep your kitchen countertops in Manhattan clutter-free, you can utilize various types of organizers to create a “drop-off station” for separating the items that end up on the countertops into distinct piles that indicate where they rightfully belong.

At first, you may have to complete this process yourself. In the future, though, after you show your family how to use this system, they may do it themselves until ultimately the clutter bypasses the kitchen entirely and goes directly to its rightful place.

As with so many less-than-ideal behaviors, kitchen countertop clutter is a bad habit that must be broken. Changing habits takes time, so it’s important to understand that any changes you implement may not be appreciated or followed immediately. Over time, however, new habits will begin to form, allowing you to enjoy clutter-free countertops on a regular basis.

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