How Companion Services In Pinellas County Helps An Older Adult Live Their Life To The Fullest

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As a person grows older and loses independence, one of the most heartbreaking side effects is social isolation. Not only does it take a toll on their physical well being, but it will often cause their mental health to suffer and cause them to contend with depression and other forms of anxiety. A company that offers Companion Services in Pinellas County will be there to help stave off the effects of loneliness and will provide support with the following activities of daily living.

Transportation Assistance

One of the toughest things for a person to lose is their ability to drive, as it forces them to remain at home at all times and makes going to the store and doctor appointments extremely challenging. Rather than relying on family members and friends, more elderly adults are choosing to use the services of an in-home care provider. A staff member will take a client to the grocery store and doctors appointments, which helps stave off feelings of helplessness.

Cleaning and Laundry

Cleaning and doing laundry may seem like easy chores, but to a person with physical limitations, these activities quickly become nearly impossible to complete. Instead of forcing a loved one to live in squalor, consider utilizing Companion Services in Pinellas County. A trained technician will complete basic household chores, such as cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming and will ensure a person has clean laundry available.


Cooking is yet another activity that most people take for granted, but making delicious and nutritious meals becomes a chore for individuals as they age. Don’t let a loved one live on unhealthy and processed foods when an in-home care provider will ensure they always have a balanced meal at the ready. Though most companies only provide services 2 to 3 days a week, they will cook several meals at once, so a client always has a refrigerator full of ready to eat meals.

It is devastating when a loved one is no longer able to care for themselves, but fortunately, there are options to help them retain their quality of life. Family First Homecare offers a variety of customizable services and will assist an older adult with enjoying their golden years. Visit their site to learn more or call today to discover how affordable expert care should be. Like us on Facebook.

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