Home Leveling Methods to Prevent Your Foundation from Sagging

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The foundation makes up the core of your home and without it, the walls and ceiling won’t have a stable platform for them to stand on. Depending on the type of floor your home rests on, the structure may be more or less susceptible to sagging, which can gradually occur if the foundation loses its stability. Home leveling in Ocala can restore a foundation back to full stability, though it is your duty to contact a professional the minute you recognize signs that your home is not on an even leveling.

There are several techniques and methods that technicians may use when leveling your home. One of the most common and basic approach includes the use of helical driving heads. These are basically steel anchors that take some of the weight off the area that is sagging and transfer it to the more stable areas. This method is quick and does not require major renovations or the entire floor to be removed or replaced.

For new homes, installing helical anchor pads during construction is a good idea and may pay dividends down the road. It is also cheaper if installed this way and adds safety and value to your property.

There is also another method that helps restore foundation stability to your home. This approach utilizes multiple jacks to push up the sagging section of the home that is not at level with the steel shims. This method is especially useful and employed if the sagging is concentrated on a single section of the home, such as at the corner or side.

The method deployed will depend on the technician’s recommendations, the type of home and foundation, and extent of the damage. In any case, when you speak with a foundation repair service that provides home leveling in Ocala, you will be given a full report and estimate after a home evaluation is performed.

Even when homeowners notice signs of cracking and unevenness, most shrug it off as not a big deal. This is a mistake that can prove costly down the road. Even if it’s just a small crack at a corner or a slight sagging, it is important to . Home Leveling in Ocala will restore stability and safety to your home and prevent any possibilities of the foundation suddenly caving and giving way, which will cause tremendous damage that was completely preventable.

Immediately contact a professional for home leveling in Ocala if you notice signs of a compromised foundation. Home Leveling in Ocala will not only restore and improve the foundation but also give you and your family a peace of mind.

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