Helpful Tips for Kitchen Remodeling in Birmingham MI

Kitchens are available in all sizes and shapes. This can make it difficult to figure out the proper remodeling process in some cases. The same surfacing materials, appliances, and cabinets can look completely different in another home. The good news is, with a few tips and ideas, anyone can create their dream kitchen.

Stock cabinets are able to give a unique look with unlimited finishes and hardware options. When a homeowner is able to create a budget that accommodates custom cabinetry, then the options are even greater. The same is true for the walls, flooring, and other fixtures.

With a the help of a quality Kitchen Remodeling in Birmingham MI contractor, anyone can create a kitchen they love. Most designers have seen it all, which means that even the smallest kitchens can be transformed. Not only will they be great looking, but they will also be highly functional.

To create a distinctive space, the first step is to look at the kitchen and determine what the focal point is. A long wall, alcove or big window can all serve as this. Take advantage of what is present and then design the kitchen around that point. In addition to considering the tips here, there are a few general, rules of thumb that will help ensure the kitchen is also functional.

The tips that should be used for any Kitchen Remodeling in Birmingham MI project include:

  • Keep a straight-line distance in between the cooktop, fridge, and sink of 12 to 23 feet.
  • Place the sink in between the fridge and stove since it will be used most often.
  • Provide 36 inches of counter space to the right and 30 inches to the left of the sink and stove if possible.
  • Try not to place a built in wall oven and tall fridge next to each other. They both need landing space on the sides for safety purposes.
  • Utilize lazy Susans to minimize wasted corner space.

Taking the time to use the tips here will help ensure a kitchen remodel creates a space that is aesthetically pleasing, as well as highly functional. For homeowners who have more questions about this process, they can visit Taking some time to evaluate the options and using tips that have been proven effective will help ensure a great looking kitchen is created.

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