Getting Solutions For Common Problems With Garage Door Openers In Phoenix AZ

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Garage Door Supplier

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When Garage Door Openers Phoenix AZ stop working, solutions are usually pretty easy. It’s just a matter of the owner following some troubleshooting steps and eliminating common problems. If the solution can’t be found, there are services that can fix the problem.

Does The Wall Switch Work?

When troubleshooting Garage Door Openers Phoenix AZ, it’s important to identify whether or not the wall switch works with the door. If it’s just the remote that won’t operate the door, there’s some type of trouble with the device. Batteries might need to be swapped out or it might have issues connecting to the garage door. A problem with the power source is usually the issue if both the wall switch and remote won’t work. Sometimes, the GFCI activates and stops the garage door from getting power. Fuses and circuit breakers can also be issues.

Other Problems

If a homeowner checks the garage door and there aren’t any problems with fuses, circuit breakers, or the garage’s GFCI, there is a possibility that the doors motor has failed. A company like Neighborhood Garage Door Service will need to be called if a door’s motor has failed. A motor that can’t be fixed will have to be replaced. Visit online to get help with any major issues that a garage door might be suffering.

Some Other Solutions

Garage doors that aren’t working can have many causes. Safety sensors that are out of whack can stop a door from closing. Adjusting the sensors will usually resolve the issues, but some sensors can be faulty which requires replacement. The antenna on the door’s unit might be suffering from damage. That can interfere with its ability to receive a signal. The antenna might have to be adjusted so it’s in a better position to communicate with the garage door opener. In some cases, the range might be an issue.

Automatic garage doors make life a lot more convenient for homeowners who have them installed. With an automatic garage door, a person doesn’t have to get out of their vehicle in the middle of a rainstorm. When problems arise with door openers, it’s easy to see why some people would get upset. Fortunately, solutions are usually quick and easy.

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